Sunday, 24 November 2013

Movie Poster Round-up

Breaking down the posters of the week into the good, the bad and the plain ugly.

The Good

This week animation movies beat the rest of the pack with nice posters for Rio 2 and How to Train Your Dragon 2. It is hard to go wrong with animation posters because they are made from scratch and are not 'real' so they can be anything you want them to be.  They also don't have to conform to any type of reality so if there is weird stuff its cool.

 Why are they in the best category? Look at them, the colour, the detail (especially on the armour in the How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster).  Everything is just spot on. 

 I really like these one sheets for Nymphomaniac especially the first one.  The theme of this movie is driven home rather elegantly considering what it is about.  They are simple and not over done.  The second one isn't as good as the first but also gets the job done.  Am slightly disturbed by Stellen Skarsgard and Willem Dafoe, it was just something I never really needed to see...or think about.

The Bad

Maybe putting these two one sheets for The Wolf on Wall Street in the bad category was a little harsh but I don't really like them.  They are too hectic, especially the second one and it all makes my eyes hurt.

Photoshoped people in a arrow...yay.  So bored of this now.  The UK quad for Vendetta brings nothing new.  It is trying so hard to sell this movie with all the stars and quotes.  Fab input by GQ 'Dyer is back at his best' when was his best exactly? 

Boring, boring, boring.  This Gimme Shelter poster gives you nothing apart from an extremely cheesy tag line.  There is nothing I like about this.

The Ugly

Van Damme is looking at you and he is judging you so hard right now.  I don't actually know what this is.  Why the knife with Van Damme on it, why the fire, why the face?

Well this is just a mess.  Firstly are they sure that is Robert De Niro?  They have photoshopped it so much you don't even know who is in it!  Then there is the floating heads of the supporting cast.  This is my least favourite of the bunch.

What do you think?


  1. Great post! Disappointed in The Wolf of Wall Street posters, especially since I'm excited for the movie.

    1. Me too, the movie looks great but the posters kinda suck.


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