Welcome to The Little Blog of Geek!

The Little Blog of Geek is a dedicated to Movies, TV, Books, Comics, Sports, Travel and product reviews as well as some more personal posts here and there.

The blog has recently had a massive overhaul and is still in the process of a redesign so please excuse anything that doesn't work or if it looks a little sparse.

I am always looking for guest articles.  If you have something you want to say, about anything then feel free to contact me.

About me!

Hello my name is Kate!  I am a thirty something crazy girl from England.

In 2011 I set this blog up as a book review site but have expanded it to include a lot more of the things that I love.  I am currently studying for a degree in English and after that have plans for world domination.

When not studying I work for a well known coffee chain and in my spare time volunteer at comic cons around the country.

You can find me on: 

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