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From Video Games to the Internet – Top 10 Konami Codes on The Web

The Konami Code is a cheat code was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto that originated in the 1986 release of Gradius and thereafter many Konami Video Games and then moving into non-Konami games. The cheat code works differently depending on the video game but it started out during the title screen before the game began and then the player press the following sequence of buttons to implement the cheat.

Punch in on your controller/keyboard: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.

Until very recently I believed the Code to be nothing more than a legendary cheat code that appeared in some of my favourite video games such as Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed and Half Life 2. I had no idea that it, in fact, had spread onto the internet with hundreds of websites installing the Konami Code as an ‘Easter egg’, for their users to discover new content or something completely out the ordinary.

It was only when I saw that the fashion magazine, Vogue, had installed it on their website did I come to the realisation that it had been around the internet for a while and I had to find the best ones. These are my top 10 websites with Konami Code secrets so don’t forget it’s ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a’

Anyone for a Spot of Rickrolling? - Digg

One of the first Konami Code Easter eggs that I found just had to include the biggest meme of the 21st century, Rickrolling. You’ve heard it right, even the Konami Code is hell-bent on Rickrolling you. You can’t help but chuckle though, even in 2014 Rick Astley is killing it!

Even Konami Code Can’t Escape the Internet Cats! –

If the internet and YouTube has taught us all one thing, people love anything to do with cats being funny and cute. Wired couldn’t resist the temptation to jump on the cat bandwagon, and by punching in the Konami Code you get the adorable Nyan Cat to run across your screen and brighten up your day!

Use the Konami Code to Escape Through Fantasy Doors – UK Oak Doors

There are hundreds of door companies out there and let’s be fair doors aren’t the most exciting of products, but by using the Konami Code you get to see three extraordinary doors that will take your mind to fantasy places far away.

BuzzFeed Just Can’t Get Enough of the Bieb’s  - BuzzFeed

Justin Bieber is a heartthrob for millions of teenage girls all over the globe, and an enemy for the rest. It seems that BuzzFeed is amongst his biggest fans and by putting in the Konami Code, everything turns to Bieber. I envision it’s the start of the new Rickrolling!

So Many Sharks! – Qiwi Web design

Over at Qiwi web design it seems they have a slight love for sharks as by putting in the code and then hitting any key repeatedly, you not only get the one shark but you end up releasing hundreds. Try it out….if you dare!

People Who Love the Konami Code are Geeks…Who Knew. –

And winner for most obvious statement of the week goes to Zeno Crivelli as he, quite rightly, points out that Konami Code is geek, which you can see after entering the Konami code. What I can’t work out though is whether this is meant to be an insult or just pointing to the truth. Whatever it is, it’s hard to disagree.

Ummmmm…Bacon – Soundclick

Bacon - just the very word can make people salivate at the mouth, but Soundclick go one better. Upon entering the Konami Code, a piece of bacon appears and then is slowly eaten, bite by bite. Not sure what it’s got to do with a music community website, but I love bacon!

Enter The Konami Code for a Treat! –

It’s always nice to be rewarded for your efforts. After trawling around the internet for Konami Code websites it was nice to stumble across one that rewarded you with a video from the website owner’s YouTube playlist. FYI, I got Madonna – Celebration, lucky me!

You Want a Raptor Dressed In a Suit? Of Course You Do –

Just like its sister site, Vogue, GQ takes on the dinosaur Konami look but this time with a lot more style as the raptor that pops up is dressed in the smartest of suits. I think you’re ready for your Jurassic Park 4 audition Mr Raptor.

Star Wars Penguins, Pirate Penguins and Ninja Penguins in The Same Place! – Kuppiya

I think it’s only a Konami code that could possibly get you a group a penguins dressed up as pirates, Star Wars characters and ninjas all in the same place. And that’s exactly what will happen if you type in the code whilst browsing Kuppiya. Penguins are awesome.

So those are my top 10 Konami Codes that I could find on the web. I imagine I’ve missed hundreds more that are infinitely more funny or clever, so I’m very excited to get back out there and keep looking!

by Alex Thomas

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