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Book Review: Necessary Force by D.D Ayers

It was supposed to be a sexy calendar shoot to raise money for K-9 service dogs. Photographer Georgie Flynn never expected to break all her personal rules and jump into bed with one of the hunky men posing. And after their steamy night together, she certainly never expected to see him again…despite their powerful connection.

When she's targeted by a stalker and possible bomber, Georgie finds that her gorgeous one-night stand is the only one who can help.

Brad Lawson, an FBI operative, and his K-9 bomb sniffing partner are assigned to protect the pretty photographer--and this time, he’s determined to keep things professional. He just didn't count on their explosive connection rekindling. But with a deadly threat on the horizon, will he be able to keep his body’s demands in check and complete his mission?
Necessary Force is the second book in D.D Ayres K-9 Rescue series that I've read. Last year I picked up Irresistible Force, the first book in the series. To be honest I wasn't a big fan of it. I found it a little too far-fetched and a bit all over the place. Taking that into account I wasn't excited to read Necessary Force but I always try not to judge an author or a series on only one book so I eventually gave it ago.

Generally speaking Necessary Force was a vast improvement on Irresistible Force. The main reason for this improvement is that this book is a novella. It meant that the story had to be compact. It couldn't go wildly off course like Irresistible Force did. It allowed me to really be able to see Ayers structure and writing.

I already know D.D Ayres can write. I complimented her writing in my review for Irresistible Force and I feel the same about her writing in this book. Ayers knows how to create, she knows how to world build and she does it well.

The storyline itself was enjoyable. It had a bit of everything, action, drama and romance. It was a little predictable, for example I knew who the bad guy was as soon as they were introduced but I didn't mind that to much, sometimes it is nice to know something the main character doesn't.

Georgie and Brad are both likeable characters, her more than him. Their relationship is an interesting one. His role in the FBI and their past encounter leads to a lack of trust between them that they have to over come. That dynamic worked for me and helped create a great chemistry between the two which I enjoyed.

All in all I enjoyed Necessary Force. When I next come across a D.D Ayers novel I will be more eager to read it than I was before.

3 stars


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Necessary Force by D.D Ayers.  K-9 Rescue book 0.5.  Published July 1st 2014 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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